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October 7, 2011
Looking for unique, hand-made contemporary jewellery, gifts and homewares for the new season?

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More than just a statement piece – look for a conversation piece

You can always tell when someone has thought long and hard about their outfit. Such an outfit works the current trends but in a way that enhances the personal style of the wearer – and the best outfits will always be “finished” with jewellery. We asked Seek & Adore – a new online boutique which makes it simpler and more personal to buy handmade and unusual homewares and accessories – to give us their tips on how to finish the perfect outfit with stunning jewellery.

Be trend aware – but not a trend slave

Before choosing a new piece of jewellery it’s always worth familiarising yourself with the current trends. Whilst no-one wants to be a slave to fashion you don’t want to look out-dated or fuddy-duddy. There are three exciting trends this autumn which are well worth bearing in mind as you select this season’s jewellery.

Jewel tones

This season’s colours are inspired by jewels and gemstones. It’s time to delight in deep purples, oranges and reds, and to revel in bright turquoise or teal.

Sue Gregor






Purplepassion flower cuff, £45

Nature inspired

The beauty of the natural world inspires another of this season’s trends. The simplicity of nature’s shapes offers particular inspiration for jewellers.


Lynn Clarke

Bluebell pendant and choker, £80


Those timeless classics – gold, silver and pearls – are back in vogue. It’s all about understated splendour – so leave the bling at home!

   Katherine Campbell Legg



Silver & 24 carat gold spot earrings, £47

Be practical

Having familiarised yourself with the trends you then want to think about the occasions at which you will wear the jewellery. What works for a tea party isn’t necessarily appropriate for a romantic dinner a deux. Take a moment to visualise the occasion: what will you be required to do? Will the jewellery get in the way of this? Will you feel comfortable and confident wearing your chosen piece? If not, it’s probably not right.

Look for a point of difference

None of us like to be caught wearing the same thing as someone else – even when that person is your best friend. Seek & Adore makes it easier to buy unique, hand-crafted jewellery that you can guarantee others won’t have – most of our designer-makers only make “one-off” pieces. You’ll also find that our jewellery has a story to tell – some little snippet about the maker, their inspiration or the making process. This gives the jewellery you choose more personal resonance, but it also means you will have an amusing anecdote to share whenever people comment on your stunning choice of jewellery.

Our recommendations this Autumn:Lunch with friends

The simplicity of work inspired by the nature really lends itself to a relaxed daytime occasion like lunch with friends.

Country girl Sian Bostwick  lives and breathes the nature inspired trend. She wonders the Kent countryside picking up ideas for her jewellery. We love that fact that credits a series of slightly mad art teachers with introducing her to jewellery making. Who says madness isn’t inspiring?

   Forget me not earrings,

£60Spring flower pendant, £84

Forget me not pin, £90

Romantic dinner a deux

Let’s face it, you want to impress the other half but you don’t need to knock him out in the process! Leonie Bennett’s simple but stunning, elegant oxidised silver earrings with 24ct gold design can be paired with a matching pendant to bring the neo-classical trend to bear with style and chic. Leonie took up jewellery making because she saw the pleasure wearing jewellery brings.

 Gold & oxidised silver pendant, £120  Gold & oxidised silver earrings, £85

Statement pieces to wow the room at a party

The jewel tone trend cries out for a good party. We recommend picking a single statement piece.Linda Hoetink started as an artist and it’s no surprise to hear she sees the silk she uses in her jewellery as paintings – paintings that you wear. This necklace will be a topic of conversation at any party. We guarantee it!

   Silk necklace, £40

Emma Calvert’s jewellery continues the theme of using unusual materials. She combines hand-weaving and braiding with silver work to create stunning jewellery that will get everyone talking.

 Turquoise gold woven necklace, £85

Finally, why not take the jewel tone trend at face value and treat yourself to this real gem from Lucy Polson. She followed in her grandmother’s foot steps, keeping jewellery making skills in the family.

Labradroite beaded pendant on hand made chain, £200

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