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Fishers Pond 8/25

June 23, 2011

Fishers Pond 8/25

Main Road
Fishers Pond
SO50 7HG

Tel: 023 80692209



Vegetarian: Yes

Parking: Own car park

Wheelchairs: Easy

Loos: Below average

 Visited June 2011 – Cost £££

It was my friend’s b’day and she decided she would like to return to a venue of our youth, Fishers Pond Nr Eastleigh. Apart from the pond, a very big one, there was not much else to recognise!

We entered and no one greeted us, we were ignored.  We made our way to a table and had to ask if it was OK to sit at it. Our waitress who, once we had attracted her attention, was very pleasant asked if we wanted a drink and we did get a bottle of Rosé very promptly… this turned out to be the highlight of our visit.

There is an enormous menu but we opted for the 3 courses for £10 menu. My beloved had soup of the day, very bland and difficult to determine what flavour it was supposed to be. My friend and I decided to share “Beer Battered Mushrooms served with garlic dip”, they were disgusting, the glutinous batter fell away to reveal a cold wet tinned mushroom inside and the garlic dip had no flavour.

As it’s a favourite we all ordered “Shepherd’s Pie, slow-cooked minced lamb with onions and rosemary, topped with mash, served with buttered carrots and garden peas”. Unbelievably bad! It was a bowl of brown mince but couldn’t really see much mince, more a bowl of thick gravy topped with what looked and tasted like dollops of non-browned Smash. And then there were the vegetables, I’m getting angry all over again just typing this… around the bowl of “mince” was a spoonful of sort of cubed COLD carrots the edges of which were white as if they’d been sat around in water for ages and some COLD bullet like peas!! I complained to our waitress who was very sympathetic and said she would get us more vegetables.  By the time she brought them back and proudly announced she has got the “chef” to OPEN some new ones we had all abandoned our “Shepherd’s Pie”! The new vegetables were as cold as the original ones.

I felt sorry for our waitress who seemed to agree with us, she said she would give us complimentary puds but I’m still giving a low score for service because of not being greeted and then totally ignored later.

After our puds which even they could hardly spoil, Ice Cream and Summer Berries vanilla ice cream topped with summer berries and a wafer (guess what, no wafer!) and Double Chocolate Torte served with crème fraiche, we asked to have our coffee on the very large outside deck.

 A waiter arrived with our 3 coffees on a tray which he just plonked down so the coffee slopped in the saucers and then left.  After that no one came to ask if we would like more coffee or another drink, nothing!  We could easily have just left but of course I did go and find someone to pay the bill, the staff were all having a laugh in the kitchen. I would not dream of going there again.

Yes, it was very cheap and people have remarked “what do you expect”? Well I expect that whatever anyone is serving it should be of a reasonable standard. I have given a very low score for value for money because if its rubbish, however cheap, it’s not good value for money!

Cost : £££

Ladies Who Lunch Scoring:

Quality of food 0/5
Variety of menu 3/5
Staff and service 1/5
Ambience, setting & decor 2/5
Value for Money 1/5


Total Yummy Factor


Report: CJ

5/5 = Cannot be improved upon, 4/5 = Very good, 3/5 = Good,
2/5 = Satisfactory, 1/5 = Poor, 0/5 = Terrible

The higher the “Yummy” factor, the better the food & service. The higher the number of £ signs the more expensive. (Roughly one £ sign = £5 per head)

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  1. June 23, 2011 4:16 pm

    The FIRST time we have ever given 0/5 for food!

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